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7 Gerard restaurant case study

Restaurant Branding Dares To Be Bold

A good logo design makes a mark in more ways than one. Indeed, it can inspire the graphic energy of an entire business — in this case, one of the hottest new restaurants in Long Island, NY that exudes energy and creativity.

The hip, simple, and tasty logo fits beautifully with the sophisticated architecture outside and the chic decor inside, while providing a counterpoint to the loose graffiti-style art that graces its walls. Designed to work as effectively online in social media as it does in print, the logo takes on a whole new power when seen at a massive scale in the large illuminated windows as you enter and the mirrored “Instagram wall” when seated inside.

Most people don’t appreciate the heavy-lifting a good logo can do — from branding to marketing to interior design, large and small — it can provide the street buzz and that special “something” a business needs to stand above the rest. In this age when you never know where or in what media or context your logo will appear next, a well-thought, well-designed, custom logo that goes beyond your expectations could be one of the best investments you make.

7 Gerard building logo
7 Gerard logo
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7 Gerard restaurant branding
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7 Gerard restaurant ad
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