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A portfolio of not just what it looks like, but why it looks the way it does:
because good design is about results.

Social media brand identity

Friendly Design Brings the Social to Media Organization

It made all the sense in the world that a media organization focused on promoting online social engagement and digital innovation would need an equally engaging brand identity. Walk the talk, in other words — which is exactly what they got, with good design and a new logo that communicated the energy of their innovative, forward-thinking vision in an increasingly fast-paced world.

To stand out, a powerful visual content marketing strategy was employed as well — not only so their various events and blog posts would get attention in the busy social streams, but also to reinforce Social Media Association’s brand identity every time a post was shared. With everything coordinated and singing the same visual song, their brand identity continuously communicated their messaging and professionalism — seeding trust among the public, its membership, and business leaders.

While their brand identity needed to be especially powerful across the online spectrum — from web to social to email — print was just as important to reach people at their mailboxes and when attending events. So postcards, signage, buttons, and take-away materials were all employed to create a cohesive identity that established Social Media Association as a familiar, reputable organization but also with a sense of surprise one would expect from an early-adopter with always one eye trained towards the future.

Mockups Design
Isometric iPhone X Mockup Vol.3 by Anthony Boyd Graphics

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