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logo design

Logos That Come to Life

While a brand identity is more than just a logo, the importance of a good logo cannot be overstated. Done well, a logo not only identifies but helps define who you are and what you’re about. Placed on the simplest communication or in the smallest possible space, the logo speaks volumes.

A good logo should be simple and unique, setting you apart. It should work in all shapes, sizes, shapes, formats — encapsulating the very essence of who you are as a business — no small duty for such a little graphic. A good logo can also bring uniformity throughout the vast range of marketing materials and communications, both in digital and print.

Designing a good logo is like the design equivalent of standing on your head, chewing gum, and rubbing your tummy all at the same time! In fact, most designers agree that logos are among the most difficult of assignments. But a good logo is never produced in a vacuum — it is always done in partnership with the client to arrive at the best solution.

Of course, dime-a-dozen logos abound these days — the real problem being they won’t do anything a good logo SHOULD do, creating more harm than good. A large part of what makes a good logo is the process involved — asking the right questions, defining objectives, iterating ideas and step-by-step arriving at a logo that not only looks nice but is effective. And I think you’ll agree, that’s something your business can’t afford to get wrong.

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