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arts council brand identity

Creative Spark for Arts Organization

With an admirable 55 year history, the Huntington Arts Council’s brand identity had grown stale — lacking the creativity, good design, and style one would expect from an arts organization. For a group that had been around so long, few people knew who they were and what they did.

Their communications lacked consistency and served to confuse rather than clarify. This happens to a lot of organizations, but seems especially prevalent in the nonprofit sector where they try to fire on all cylinders with limited resources. The arts council not only needed a reinvigorated visual presence, but a design and communications strategy that would bring clarity to their organization.

Through good design and a cohesive visual program — from web to social media, from print to signage — a dynamic new brand identity was put in place to excite the community and reintroduce them to the public. Just as important, it would re-energize and re-engage staff as the arts council propelled itself forward — an invaluable secondary benefit.

Through a combination of good design and easy-to-use templates, the art council’s brand identity would make limited resources more efficient and their communications more cost-effective. Of course, there can be no greater validation of the ROI of good design than a surge in new membership, jam-packed public events, and increased revenue for an organization with plans always to do more.

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