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Logos That Come to Life

Logos That Come to Life

While a brand identity is more than just a logo, the importance of a good logo cannot be overstated. Done well, a logo not only identifies but helps define who you are and what you’re about. Placed on the simplest communication or in the smallest possible space, the logo speaks volumes.

A good logo should be simple and unique, setting you apart. It should work in all shapes, sizes, shapes, formats — encapsulating the very essence of who you are as a business — no small duty for such a little graphic. A good logo can also bring uniformity throughout the vast range of marketing materials and communications, both in digital and print.

Designing a good logo is like the design equivalent of standing on your head, chewing gum, and rubbing your tummy all at the same time! In fact, most designers agree that logos are among the most difficult of assignments. But a good logo is never produced in a vacuum — it is always done in partnership with the client to...

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Friendly Design Brings the Social to Media Organization


It made all the sense in the world that a media organization focused on promoting online social engagement and digital innovation would need an equally engaging brand identity. Walk the talk, in other words — which is exactly what they got, with good design and a new logo that communicated the energy of their innovative, forward-thinking vision in an increasingly fast-paced world.

To stand out, a powerful visual content marketing strategy was employed as well — not only so their various events and blog posts would get attention in the busy social streams, but also to reinforce Social Media Association’s brand identity every time a post was shared. With everything coordinated and singing the same visual song, their brand identity continuously communicated their messaging and professionalism — seeding trust among the public, its membership, and business leaders.

While their brand identity needed to be especially powerful across the online spectrum — from web to social to email — print was just as important to reach people at their mailboxes and when attending...

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Creative Spark for Arts Organization


With an admirable 55 year history, the Huntington Arts Council’s brand identity had grown stale, lacking the good design and style an arts organization should have. For a group that had been around so long, few people knew who they were and what they did — their communications lacked consistency and served to confuse rather than provide clarity. This happens to a lot of organizations, but seems especially prevalent in the nonprofit sector where they try to fire on all cylinders with limited resources.

The council not only needed a reinvigorated visual presence, but a design and communications strategy that would bring clarity to their organization. Through good design and a cohesive visual program, from web to social media and from print to signage — a dynamic new visual strategy was put in place to excite and inform. But their new, contemporary identity would not just reintroduce them to the public, it would re-energize its staff as they propelled themselves forward. This is often an invaluable secondary benefit of a reinvigorated brand identity.


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High-End Architecture, High-End Design


The style and exuberance of high-end architecture informed the sophisticated, high-end design of these promotional mailers. The designs themselves were architectural in nature — with dynamic angles, dimensional folds, and interesting die-cuts.

Through good design and a cohesive brand look and feel that matched the quality of the product, Architectural Record’s marketing achieved a new level of impact. Yes, direct mail can be elegant!

From metallic inks to vellum envelopes to interesting folds that slowly revealed new surprises at every turn, exquisite production values were also employed to ensure the overall effect was lasting and memorable — and sure to garner attention and get the desired response from Architectural Record’s advertisers! Special design influences special outcomes.

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Expressing a Brand New Emocean


The world’s largest scuba retailer needed to brand its new diving adventures division. The objective was to develop a strong, trusted brand identity through good design that connotes action, adventure, energy and excitement — and of course, water! AND it had to speak to its audience.

With the target consumer being young, fun, upscale, and active, the logo needed to capture that same dynamism. It also had to be simple, unique, and impactful — and work in all sizes, contexts, and media. This encompassed everything from retail to kiosks to promotions to the adventures themselves. The logo and branding would be applied to signage, boats, apparel, flags, websites, flyers, posters, and a host of other advertising materials.

Additional challenges included ensuring that the name “Emocean” would read quickly and seamlessly — a bit tricky when there are different ways one may read the name. The symbol and type needed to work together as well as separately. Sub-branding also needed to be thought out for the many other offerings falling under the Emocean umbrella. A slogan was...

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