The Work

A portfolio of not just what it looks like, but why it looks the way it does:
because good design is about results.

Architectural graphic design

High-End Architecture, High-End Design

The style and exuberance of high-end architecture informed the sophisticated, high-end design of these promotional mailers. The designs themselves were architectural in nature — with dynamic angles, dimensional folds, and interesting die-cuts.

Through good design and a cohesive brand look and feel that matched the quality of the product, Architectural Record’s marketing achieved a new level of impact. Yes, direct mail can be elegant!

From metallic inks to vellum envelopes to interesting folds that slowly revealed new surprises at every turn, exquisite production values were also employed to ensure the overall effect was lasting and memorable — and sure to garner attention and get the desired response from Architectural Record’s advertisers! Special design influences special outcomes.

Z Fold Flyer Mockup

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