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Emocean case study


The world’s largest scuba retailer needed to brand its new diving adventures division. The objective was to develop a strong, trusted brand identity through good design that connotes action, adventure, energy and excitement — and of course, water! AND it had to speak to its audience.

With the target consumer being young, fun, upscale, and active, the logo needed to capture that same dynamism. It also had to be simple, unique, and impactful — and work in all sizes, contexts, and media. This encompassed everything from retail spaces to scuba lesson kiosks to promotions for prepackaged adventures. The logo and branding would be applied to apparel, boats, flags, signage, websites, flyers, posters, and a host of other advertising and communications materials.

Additional challenges included ensuring that the name “Emocean” would read quickly and seamlessly — a bit tricky when there are different ways one may read the name. The symbol and type needed to work together as well as separately. Sub-branding also needed to be thought out for the many other offerings falling under the Emocean umbrella. A slogan was developed as well, and locked up to the logo as needed.

Through good design and partnering with the client to effectively encapsulate all they were and aspired to be, the brand mark ended up serving a purpose far beyond that of just a logo — it provided the graphic inspiration that informed the design of the entire brand identity.

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