The Work

A portfolio of not just what it looks like, but why it looks the way it does:
because good design is about results.

High-End Architecture, High-End Design


The style and exuberance of high-end architecture informed the sophisticated, high-end design of these promotional mailers. The designs themselves were architectural in nature — with dynamic angles, dimensional folds, and interesting die-cuts.

Through good design and a cohesive brand look and feel that matched the quality of the product, Architectural Record’s marketing achieved a new level of impact. Yes, direct mail can be elegant!

From metallic inks to vellum envelopes to interesting folds that slowly revealed new surprises at every turn, exquisite production values were also employed to ensure the overall effect was lasting and memorable — and sure to garner attention and get the desired response from Architectural Record’s advertisers! Special design influences special outcomes.

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Friendly Design Brings the Social to Media Organization


It made all the sense in the world that a media organization focused on promoting online social engagement and digital innovation would need an equally engaging brand identity. Walk the talk, in other words — which is exactly what they got, with good design and a new logo that communicated the energy of their innovative, forward-thinking vision in an increasingly fast-paced world.

To stand out, a powerful visual content marketing strategy was employed as well — not only so their various events and blog posts would get attention in the busy social streams, but also to reinforce Social Media Association’s brand identity every time a post was shared. With everything coordinated and singing the same visual song, their brand identity continuously communicated their messaging and professionalism — seeding trust among the public, its membership, and business leaders.

While their brand identity needed to be especially powerful across the online spectrum — from web to social to email — print was just as important to reach people at their mailboxes and when attending...

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Brand Building Through Good Design


Good design and visual systems were put in place to bring power and cohesion to McGraw-Hill Construction’s many communications and promotional campaigns across a broad spectrum of digital and print media — from interactive presentations, email blasts, and web banners to brochures, sales kits, and national advertising.

Highly respected economic forecasts were also designed as a series of sophisticated, beautifully designed annual reports, becoming the flagship communications for the group and “can’t miss” industry standards. Through good design, complex information and data was communicated cleanly and succinctly so analysts could get the information they needed in a hurry, but the lasting branding impact was far longer-lived.

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Savvy Branding Enhances Visibility of Influential Thought Leaders


This global community of writers and business leaders embarked on a comprehensive brand identity and visual content marketing strategy to gain attention across the busy social media streams and drive traffic to their blog. Good design was employed and graphic content was created to be easily digestible and shareable — compelling others to share them with their followers. This amplified awareness as people became advocates for the brand, thereby compounding marketing efforts. Interesting how that works!

Known for its high-quality content and now with the addition of a robust visual content marketing strategy, 12 Most soon achieved an explosive gain in followers and shares — bringing the visibility its talented community deserved and solidifying its position as a respected professional resource. The site consistently attained about 150,000 unique visitors a month, ranking high in Google Search which helped acquire more advertising dollars to assist in supporting this effort that gained recognition for business and media leaders.

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