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Hot New Trend: Update Your Twitter Image

Twitter doesn’t want to be left in the dust with all the Facebook and Google+ updates so they have rolled out their own new fancy profile update. This new Twitter “Header” image will be made live for everyone in November but we’re sure you can’t wait so, you can activate it now.

You or your agency will need to prepare cover art that is 1252px wide and 626px high. This new profile is optimized for iPad and mobile Twitter users as well. More customization creates better branding and overall imaging throughout your social media platforms.

Setting up the new Twitter Header

To add the new Twitter header, go to the right edit profile cog and select “Settings” in the dropdown. Then on the left, choose “Design.” Now you will see “Customize your own.” Here you can update:

  1. The new “Header” with minimum dimensions of 1252px by 626px, maximum file 5MB
  2. Background (position left, center or right)
  3. Background color
  4. Link color
  5. Overlay in black or white (this is the transparent panel behind your tweets)
  6. Save changes when finished

To view your handiwork, click the new “Me” item in the top navigation menu and this will bring you to your new profile with the fancy new Header.

Hidden in this rollout is a new drop down called “Twitter Ads.” You can find this in the edit profile drop down menu. I guess they didn’t want to update with just the ad message. Imagine that, Twitter really is following in Facebook’s footsteps.

What do you think? Do you like the new Twitter Header design? Will you change now or wait until November?

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