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Transform Your Brand into a Butterfly

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series on Branding

Many brands are caterpillars, lounging and crawling along without a clear message and without direction. But realizing this is just the first step to progress, next comes the cocoon stage in which dreams begin to be shaped into something palpable — a dynamic brand that commands attention.

The planning phase sets the stage for your brand, supporting its evolution into a butterfly. Once your brand’s core message is in place and your unique story is defined — once you determine exactly whom you want to engage and what you want to accomplish — it’s time to spread those wings and fly!

Polish your brand and fly

Many brands fall short and fail to execute properly. Don’t skimp on these final steps — refine your image and turn it into a dynamic brand force!

A carefully-executed, smart design will polish your brand and give your message the professionalism and oomph it needs to make one clear, powerful statement. A well-crafted brand takes everything you are and distills it into one succinct, compelling message that is packaged in a way that slices right through today’s busy, noisy world.

Consistent design and messaging used throughout all of your media touch points, both online and offline, your fully-evolved brand will speak with the same, unified voice no matter where it appears. The hard work of your brand evolution pays off in its authenticity, it’s clarity of message, its focused strategy, and its intelligent design that is both appropriate for your audience and packs a punch.

But remember: your brand cannot forego visual impact! So much more than trite decoration, it is what delivers your message and gets your brand noticed. Strategy and message alone won’t cut it — a strong brand will unify both for an effective, integrated program in both traditional and new media.

Just like the most wonderful of butterflies, your brand needs to soar and captivate its audience. The wind beneath its wings is your carefully crafted brand message that comes only from determining who you truly are and what you really want to be.

Design built upon strategy: the secret sauce to becoming a beautiful butterfly and for realizing your full business potential. Now fly!

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