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Get Your Brand Out of the Caterpillar Stage

Part 1 of a 3 Part Series on Branding

Stuck. This is the caterpillar — slow, fuzzy and… stuck! As in a crawling-around-a-branch-all-day kind of stuck.

Let’s face it… being a caterpillar is not very exciting. It also won’t create the awareness you need for your brand or business.

So, how does one get unstuck and evolve past this sorry state?

Find yourself and find your brand

First, stop for a second. Listen and focus. All the answers are there. You may think you are just another typical business owner with just another product or service to offer just like everybody else, but that will never bring the attention you crave. Why would it? You are thinking just like everybody else!

Think: what is it you are really offering people? Is it financial security so that people can buy that vacation home or start that pipe dream of a business? Is it beauty so that people can feel secure and be who they really are, allowing them to be the best they can be? Or is it a series of seminars, thereby imparting knowledge and maybe even inspiring others to achieve new things they didn’t know how to do before they met you?

Discovering who you truly are and the wonderful impact you have on the world, will give you all you need to craft a message that resonates and gets you out of the caterpillar stage. This will take time, effort and careful planning but everything worthwhile in life does. This is not the place to rush and go with something half-baked — don’t fall into the trap of doing something “good enough”, thinking that you will just change it down the road. That never works, because you will soon have so many materials and online pages that it will be a major inconvenience (and expense!) to change it all later. And you will be stuck with a brand image you can’t stand. Do it right the first time!

By the way, this is exciting! Don’t rush the process. This is the heart of your new brand and is where you lay the groundwork for all that comes later. Your powerful, new brand will focus all your business efforts like a laser beam exactly where they should be — on the target and with the clarity of message you need.

Before there is a brand, there is a spark; an idea; a twinkle in an eye somewhere. Capture and harness this, so your brand can zip out of the caterpillar stage and metamorphosis into a full-blown butterfly!

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Image courtesy of jimmyweee licensed via Creative Commons. 

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