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Take Twitter by the Tail with Twylah

Have you heard about Twylah pages? They are branded Twitter pages that are customized portfolios of your Twitter stream. Your tweets automagically feed to your Twylah page and are sorted by category.

These beautiful pages create a full picture of your social media efforts on Twitter, focusing on you and your message as opposed to a busy, tweet-filled stream of many people’s messages flying by.

The average tweet has a very short life span — only 2.8 hours! Using a Twylah page, the life of your tweet is extended and it’s all about you, baby!

Send Power Tweets from Twylah!

Who doesn’t want to send a Power Tweet?

Twylah says: “A power tweet is a tweet you send from our platform that includes a custom back-link to a custom landing page. Your landing page includes the text of your tweet, embedded content from the link you’ve shared, and other related tweets of yours. Power tweets increase engagement by 4000%! Yes, that’s right, 40x. Viewers who click on Power Tweet links spend 3–5 minutes on average engaging with your original tweet and a larger portion of your Twitter content.” Wow!

Branding Bonuses

  • You have the option to customize your page. My Twylah page matches my website, Twitter page and all my other branded items. Fabulous!
  • You have the option to manage topics by pinning some to the top and hiding up to ten others.
  • Sent a tweet you don’t want on your Twylah page? Delete it.
  • Your brand is clearly defined by the topics you tweet. You have the option of sharing your trending topics via Tweet, Facebook, and Google+.

SEO SmartsPeggy‘s trending tweet

You also have the option of hosting Twylah on your own domain name to gain more traffic to your website.

“(Twylah) can be an absolute game-changer in terms of harnessing the potential SEO value of your everyday tweets.” ~ Neal Schaffer


Add the Power Tweet bookmarklet to your browser for easy use. Twylah also has custom badges so you can put buttons on your website. I choose to put a Twylah widget on my blog which shows my top six trending topics.

Engagement Opportunities

Once people visit your Twylah page, they can retweet your content right from your page or share your trending topics. Each time I visit my page, I go to several of my friend’s pages to share their content as well. It is a great way to catch up on what your friends or, dare I say, competition are up to. Super smart.

Who is on Twylah? 

Celebrities, astronauts, the President and lots of regular people too!

“Celebrities and brands take control of Twitter accounts with Twylah… social media gurus PAY ATTENTION!” ~ Robert Scoble

Read Robert Scoble’s article with a video interview with Eric Kim, Twylah co-founder.

Who is Twylah?

Kelly Kim, the co-founder of Twylah, is the online social presence for Twylah. Always helpful and one of the nicest people you will tweet, Kelly is savvy, social and smart.

How Do You Manage Your Twylah Page?

It doesn’t take much, really. It manages itself. Or you can manage your topics manually and tweak the way your page looks. Also, if you have a topic with a photo that you don’t like, you can send a power tweet of a photo that you would rather show instead.

The important thing is that once you start a Twylah page, use the link to your Twylah page in all your social media profiles when you have the option to add a Twitter link. Use your Twylah link instead and send people to your custom, pimped out page. Put it at the bottom of your email signature and tweet your trending Twylah topics.


Free. So what are you waiting for? Let the Power Tweeting begin!

Article by Peggy Fitzpatrick.

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