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For Real Change, Keep Doing the Same Thing

The basics never really go anywhere. Fundamentals, mechanics, principles, tenets — no matter what you call them, they remain the same.

It’s a comforting notion, actually, because we are in the midst of a lot of unsettling change. New technologies, generational angst, economic concerns, environmental havoc, dangers of terrorism and the realities of war — all these and more have contributed to anxieties many people are experiencing in today’s uncertain times.

And we are all trying to figure out how we fit in — looking for our little place to call home.

Seasons come and go

But as sure as seasons come and go, so do cycles and cultural shifts. You might say that every once in a while, the world goes through a redesign. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quite suddenly — nothing is quite as it once was.

Family life has changed, which is obvious to anyone with young “know it all” children operating their digital gadgets. The way we look at careers has changed. Our views on energy are changing. And in the world of marketing, we now talk about engaging and developing relationships with our audiences that learned long ago to tune out anything that smacks of “hard sell.”

Through all this, we learn to adapt. We also realize that things never really change.

Businesses need to cut through now more than ever

Now, as we blog, monitor our social networks and optimize our web presence, the fact remains that businesses still need to set themselves apart from the crowd. Perhaps now more than ever, businesses need to present a cohesive, unified image as they strive to stay visible. Smart strategy and good, solid creative solutions are the way to do this, because that’s how you slice through the noise. This has not changed.

Redesign is fun. Redesign is healthy. Redesign is invigorating!

And to make your mark in today’s ever-changing world, a redesign may also be crucial for your business’s success. Same as it ever was.

Article by Paul Biedermann.
Image licensed via Creative Commons.

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