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Cheap Creative Solutions Abound, But Your Business Will Pay For It

Good graphic design and creative direction is about getting to the essence of a communications or business problem and creating a compelling, effective visual solution. Not to be confused with the cheap knockoff services that are so readily available these days, design is more than just decoration and making things look nice.

True creative professionals are experts at distilling information, clarifying it, and then packaging it in a way that engages its intended audience. They also see the big picture and how each communication or promotion fits into a larger puzzle and creates an overall brand experience — continually reinforcing itself through all the various touch points with the “customer.”

The final objective? To inform or influence a targeted segment of people and evoke a desired response, whether it be more customers, sales, registrants, attendees, or the like.

This is why good creative has real impact on the businesses it touches. But confusion persists.

Not just art – power!

Many people think of design as art, which it is, but they have a more difficult time understanding its true marketing and communications power.

They know it makes things look nice. Ok. Perhaps they know it’s about layout, or making a logo or an ad. Ok too. But beyond that, a true understanding of design’s importance to business is lacking.

Moreover, the words “design,” “logo,” “creative,” and the like, have been diluted and co-opted so many times that it’s hard to blame anyone for being confused.

How the pros do it

When real creative pros begin a design project, they first learn about your business and its competitors. They assist in helping you define your objectives. A smart marketing plan is developed.

Only then can a smart, integrated creative strategy be pursued. And only when this is done, will creative work be effective and have a true impact on your business.

You simply don’t get this from the “quicky” online logo services or off-the-shelf templates so prevalent today. You won’t get this from the local copy shop that offers logos and “graphic design” among its menu of services.

Those kinds of services are, at best, window dressing masquerading as design. Yes… they’re “cheaper,” and for a reason. But those approaches can only hurt your business because promoting one’s business the wrong way will only accelerate a bad outcome. No money saved there!

Real cost-savings

Of course, good creative does have a cost. But it’s an investment in the future well-being of your business, with multiple dividends down the road.

It’s also important to understand how good creative people often provide cost-saving ideas along the way: they are adept at finding the best solutions for a given budget that avoid potential hurdles down the road; they streamline content and eliminate wasteful redundancies; they partner with clients and service partners to avoid costly technical or manufacturing inefficiencies. The list goes on.

Creative passion also has its benefits

Most importantly, however, good creative people just want to do good work for themselves and their clients’ benefit. It’s in their heart and soul — they have a vested interest in a successful result.

It’s common for designers to develop a passion for helping their clients succeed — a win-win for everybody!

The true value of good creative work lies in the long term successes of the businesses it touches. That will never happen from just filling out an online form and the illusion of “saving” a few bucks.

And who knows… when the designer/client relationship really clicks, you may even make a new friend along the way!

Article by Paul Biedermann.
Featured image courtesy of stock.xchng.

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