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Take a Break and Take Your Creativity to New Places

We’re human. We get tired, sometimes burnt out.

What does that mean for our creativity? Not good. If you’re like me, we do our best and most creative work when we are alert, energized and better yet, passionate about what we are doing.

Take a micro-break

Ideas can come from anywhere, especially where you’re not looking.We all know that vacations and breaks from our usual activities give us renewed vigor when we return to our more ordinary, daily routines. But do you also know that “micro-breaks” can be just as important? And I don’t just mean those little breaks everyone recommends we give ourselves to rest our eyes, bodies, and spirit — I mean really little breaks — going to a different room or stepping outside for a moment, then returning to look at our work in a fresh light.

I often find that when I just give myself the chance to see something different and experience a different environment, even if only for a few minutes, I get the objectivity I need to see possibilities in something I may not have seen before. Sometimes these insights are quite minor but just what the project required; other times, it could mean seeing everything in a completely new light and turning it all upside down — again providing just the answers I need to take something to the next level.

In a way, these breaks provide the objectivity and point of view from another person who isn’t actually there — extra beneficial if you’re a solopreneur, like me.

Try it. I’ve come to rely on this tactic so much that I always try to build extra time into my projects that will allow the luxury of “time away” so crucial to taking my projects to places they would not have otherwise gone (while staying on deadline, of course!).

There’s been a lot of research in this area as well — this Wall Street Journal article has a lot of studies cited and goes deeper into this phenomenon.

Try it. Your projects will like it!

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