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Social Media: The Podium, The Network and More

Only after building your network can you use the podium to its fullest potential. When it comes to getting your message out, there’s no sense shouting from the rooftops if no one is listening.

This is what social media can do and is where its power lies. It is where new relationships begin and existing ones are strengthened, creating a receptive audience that listens.

And it doesn’t stop there because engaged audiences generously rebroadcast these same messages throughout other networks, amplifying them and expanding their reach even further!

Good branding can help push your message through

My business, strategic design/branding/advertising/communications, has traditionally been mostly about making the podium higher and louder. It is about making messages that are informative, compelling, on target and that stand out from the crowd. Now, with social media, it’s still about this and more.

An exciting new addition has been added, but it still takes well-executed branding to blaze a path and make sure you are both seen and heard.

Surround your audience and connect the brand

Social media is a powerful tactic that does a lot of the legwork upfront — smoothing the foundation for businesses and brands as they engage, build networks and create buzz. But the key to remember is integration.

An effective outreach goes beyond social media because a smart strategy will surround your audience, utilizing all the various tactics in all the various media. Good branding and a cohesive design strategy will connect your brand as you connect your network. It ensures that your brand will speak with one voice through all the media touch points: social, web, video, print, experiential, etc.

When it comes to making sure your message is noticed, no tactic should be left unturned.

Go ahead — build your network and speak from the podium. But don’t leave the branding strategy at the door.

Photo illustration work: Paul Biedermann, re:DESIGN.
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